Jewish Cemetery

The Jewish Cemetery in Mikulov was founded in 15th century and at the area of 19180 m² you can find more than 4 400 gravestones. There is a Ceremony Hall at the entrance to the cemetery which has been built in 1989 according to plans by architect Max Fleischer.

Mikulov used to be a seat of Moravian rabbi since 16th century till the year 1951. Some of these great men are buried at the cemetery, at a part called Rabbi Hill, e.g. Mordechaj Benet, Šemuel Šmelka Horovith, Menachem Mendl Krochal and others.

You can also find memorial dedicated to Jewish soldiers, who were killed during the World War I. and memorial reminding 21 Hungarian Jews who were killed in Mikulov in the end of World War II.

The Jewish Cemetery is owned by the Jewish Community of Brno and the Society of Friends of Jewish Culture in Mikulov takes care of it. 

The cemetery has a status of culture monument (people are not buries there any more) and you can visit it within opening hours. There is a symbolic admission - with the ticket you can visit the cemetery and the exhibition about Jewish history and culture in the Ceremony Hall. Money collected from admissions are used to finance reconstructions at the cemetery.